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Convert 100% Of Worm Bedding Material Into Worm Castings In Just 14 Days!

This Is The Same Exact Technology Utilized By The Worm Guy To Produce A Granular Type Of Worm Castings With Consistency Week After Week!

Picture Below of Worm Castings on Top in Active Bin

worm castings

From: Bruce Galle
The Worm Guy
Friday 12:57:02 PM

Dear Friend and Business Owner,

How many times have you been had to wait three to four months to convert your worm bin into worm castings only to have to wait another three to four months for more?

No More Waiting For Worm Castings To Feed Your Plants!

We literally produce these from 15 pounds of bedding material and in just two weeks end up with 15 pounds of a granular worm castings you can even use in your seed or fertilizer spreader!


Make Money Selling Worm Castings Or Generate For Your Own Use

I'll explain to you how to make money online and offline with your continuous supply of worm castings! Learn what to charge for your worm castings, by the pound or by the ton. These quality worm castings sell themselves.


See For Yourself How Easy It Is To Screen Them!


Bruce Galle
The Worm Guy

The Worm Guy

Bruce started raising worms for his personal fishing needs over 35 years ago. Since then he has expanded by raising red wigglers, African nightcrawlers, European nightcrawlers and Alabama Jumpers in controlled environments to insure the best quality worms and worm castings.


See What Other People Are Saying...


In the world of earthworms, there is perhaps no one more knowledgeable than South Carolina’s  “Worm Expert” Bruce Galle...

... Master Wormologist."

OutdoorLife Magazine


"Bruce Galle is a reknown expert in the field of breeding worms for fun or profit. After reading his book "14 Day Worm Castings" it put an exclamation point on that fact. The book was extremely interesting, easy to understand and he even supplied pictures to further illustrate each point he made. I would strongly reccomend this book to those searching for more knowledge on the subject to those very serious about starting a business. " 14 Day Worm Castings" supplies so much valuble information it is truely a "MUST READ" for anyone interested in breeding worms."

Carl W. Swanson "Swanny"


"I purchased the e-book version about a year ago directly from the author. Firstly, the process works. The book is clearly written and provides a a comprehensive list of supplies pointing both to the author's web site and sources in the outside world. Very fair!

There is also a discussion of marketing of both worms and worm castings. I am using my product myself, so I cannot comment on the accuracy of the financial claims, but I suspect they are correct, in his market anyway. What I will reiterate is that the technique will produce the quantity and quality of product described and the time claimed.

It is my distinct impression the the author's motive is to be helpful and make the world more wonderful place - in a somewhat slimy way :)

Disclosure, I am a customer of the Organic Worm Farm and subscribe to Bruce's newsletter, but have no other connection. ."



"Just downloaded African Nightcrawlers Ebook. Bruce your books are so easy to read and follow, you are so detailed without being so technical like some books i have read. All other books are now in back on bookshelf. Thanks for sharing info."

Sharon J.


"Awesome Job!... to be honest, you are selling it too cheap. I am having great success with the system and would recommend anyone getting into raising worms for castings read this and save a ton of money over the other ideas on the web...."



"100% Happy Customer here!!!"


Worm Castings Secret Known Only By A Few!

Now you can learn how to make the same superior worm castings highly sought after by golf courses, nurseries and vineyards !

About Our Worm Castings?

Each bucket is completely turned over into worm castings every two weeks. The worms are placed in a pre measured amount of a specific type of bedding material, fed a consistent diet which in turn produces a consistent worm casting every two weeks!

  • We DON'T Feed Them Manure!

After all, you do not know what the animals were fed.

  • We DON'T Feed Our Worms Food Scraps!

You do not know if pesticides were used, if infected with salmonella...

  • We DON'T Raise Our Worms Outside

Our worms are raised inside in controlled environments with heat and air conditioning

  • We DON'T Store Our Worm Castings Outside

We stock pile our worm castings inside the same environment they were produced.

Storing them outside can expose them to contaminates as well as unwanted seeds.

  • We DON'T Feed Our Worms Shredded Newspaper & Cardboard

There is no nutritional value, hence can create inferior worm castings.

Learn How to Breed and Raise
These Special Worms

I'll explain how to benefit even further by breeding and raising your own worms. Get simple, step by step directions from harvesting the cocoons (worm eggs), hatching the cocoons, setting up a growing bin, at what age to place them in their own worm casting producing bin and more.

The benefits allow you to expand your worm castings production as well as make additional income by selling these special worms which make a superior fishing worm!

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words!

Below are two tomato plants which were sown at the same time, received the same amount of water and sunlight in our organic garden. The only difference is the plant on the right was planted with the addition of our worm castings generated in 14 days.

Without Worm Castings
With Worm Castings

The below chart will give you an idea of the difference between the two plants at the time the pictures were taken...

Without Worm Castings
With Worm Castings
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Number of Tomatoes

Bonus 1

Includes directions for you or your customers on how to use your worm castings broken down into a variety of different types of plants. Also receive a couple simple recipes to make your own worm tea!

Bonus 2

Includes plans for the easy to build Worm Harvester 200 made from simple items such as bicycle rims, hand drill to run the machine...



"Great book I purchased and it’s a great method,

Thank you!"



"The Pictures, charts and information are all GREAT. A new venture for me so everything is helpful. I will be using the process."

Mitch McKenzie


"Thank you.  The purchase was worth its weight in gold."

Mr. Allen M. Boatman

Degreed and certified professional horticulturist teaching in Tampa Florida


Limited Time Only Offers!

Now Available in Both eBook or Paperback!


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Paperback Version - $24.95 + Shipping

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