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African Nightcrawlers

Eudrillus Eugeniae make the best composting worm under the correct enviroment which is a little known secret as many do not raise them. The Worm Guy uses these worms in the 14 Day Worm Castings system he devloped over the years. The African Nightcrawler is a highly sought after fishing bait by those that have tried them, especially with its overall length of 6 to 8 inches with some reaching 10 inches...

African Nightcrawlers

African Nightcrawlers can eat through more material every day than any other worms raised on our farm. While many know the red wiggler worms can eat 1/2 their body weight per day, African nightcrawlers can eat 2 - 2.5 times their weight per day under ideal environmental conditions. My latest test had one pound of mature African nightcrawlers eating 2.42 pounds of material every day. This is just under 17 pounds of material in one week!. These worms eat many types of nitrogen based food scraps such as vegetables, fruits, melons... however make a better manure worm or simply raised in peat moss with food supplements. They should not be fed lemons, oranges etc. due to the acidic levels within them nor any meat of milk by products. They are usually raised in carbon based bedding such as shredded newspapers and peat moss.

African Nightcrawlers can be fed Purina Worm Chow as a primary diet if you prefer or used as a supplement due to the nutritional value which is loaded with assorted grains, minerals and vitamins to help raise fatter healthier worms.

The African Nightcrawler is the most heat tolerant worm we carry! They are easily raised indoors or outdoors in worm bins at a temperature range of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Worm Guy offers African Nightcrawlers in quantities from 1 to 96 pound counts, in a variety of sizes. Larger orders are available by contacting us.

To order African nightcrawler worms, visit our online store.

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