Raising African Nightcrawlers


Worm Harvester Plans Included Free with eBook Purchase!

Raising African Nightcrawlers shows anyone, even the beginner how to raise these worms which are the best fishing, composting and worm casting producers.

The book shows how to make simple worm bins from Rubbermaid style bins, step by step with pictures to illustrate each step. Also gives rough outline for building a stacking tray system. You will learn how o setup worm bins to grow out worms of all the same size, not bedrun mix of sizes.

You get all the information from The Worm Guy in this book including where and how to sell your worms and worm castings should you wish to!

Bruce aka The Worm Expert takes you step by step and even offers a trouble shooting guide for your worms and steps to help prevent it.

Learn how to speed the growth of African nightcrawlers especially when top feeding by not following the directions listed on the bag!

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