Raising Alabama Jumpers


Worm Harvester Plans Included Free with eBook Purchase!

The Only Book on Raising Alabama Jumpers Written!” Available in either eBook or Paperback, a process produced and written by The Worm Expert himself!

The Worm Guy shows you his secret to raising Alabama Jumpers in controlled environments when everyone else stated it could not be done this way and how he raises them in just six inches of bedding material consistently month after month. Watch them grow and reproduce faster. Learn to group them by size in separate trays automatically.

He also walks you through other methods of worm farming these worms from in ground and above ground pits, windrow and more. Find out what is truly unique with the hatching of these cocoons. Learn required moisture levels and more to successfully raise these fun and useful worms for worm castings as well as the best worm for yard and garden areas.

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