Raising Red Wigglers eBook


Worm Harvester Plans Included Free with eBook Purchase!

Raising Red Wigglers is written in simple terms that anyone can comprehend and apply. The book over several techniques for raising red wiggler worms including one technique that show you how to start with 500 adult breeders and turn that into 10,000 new worms within sixty days!

Bruce illustrates other techniques from composting with red wigglers, top feeding your worms and a combination of both depending on your individual needs.

Learn the proper proportions of worms to bedding material to benefit best whether for composting or fishing. Included within is a special chapter showing you to keep your worms sized while growing them out so all the worms in your worm bin are of the same size. For anglers, this works great as no more picking through your worms to find the larger ones. Simply go to a worm bin containing all large adult worms!

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