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14 Day Worm Castings

"The Best Selling Book on Worm Castings" Available in either eBook or Paperback, a process produced and written by The Worm Expert himself!

Learn step by step how to take 17 pounds of material and convert into worm castings in just two weeks. Includes not only the process but how to market your worm castings should you wish to make a business out of it!

Bruce has raised worms for over 35 years and passes on his amazing secret formula in this easy to follow, step by step process.

        Order Paperback $19.95         Order eBook $14.95

Raising African Nighcrawlers

Raising African Nightcrawlers shows anyone, even the beginner how to raise these worms which are the best fishing, composting and worm casting producers.

The book shows how to make simple worm bins from Rubbermaid style bins, step by step with pictures to illustrate each step. Also gives rough outline for building a stacking tray system. You will learn how o setup worm bins to grow out worms of all the same size, not bedrun mix of sizes.

You get all the information from The Worm Guy in this book including where and how to sell your worms and worm castings should you wish to!

Bruce aka The Worm Expert takes you step by step and even offers a trouble shooting guide for your worms and steps to help prevent it.

Learn how to speed the growth of African nightcrawlers especially when top feeding by not following the directions listed on the bag!

        Order Paperback $14.95         Order eBook $9.95

Raising Alabama Jumpers

"The Only Book on Raising Alabama Jumpers Written!" Available in either eBook or Paperback, a process produced and written by The Worm Expert himself!

The Worm Guy shows you his secret to raising Alabama Jumpers in controlled environments when everyone else stated it could not be done this way and how he raises them in just six inches of bedding material consistently month after month. Watch them grow and reproduce faster. Learn to group them by size in separate trays automatically.

He also walks you through other methods of worm farming these worms from in ground and above ground pits, windrow and more. Find out what is truly unique with the hatching of these cocoons. Learn required moisture levels and more to successfully raise these fun and useful worms for worm castings as well as the best worm for yard and garden areas.

        Order Paperback $17.95         Order eBook $12.95

Raising Red Wigglers

Raising Red Wigglers is written in simple terms that anyone can comprehend and apply. The book over several techniques for raising red wiggler worms including one technique that show you how to start with 500 adult breeders and turn that into 10,000 new worms within sixty days!

Bruce illustrates other techniques from composting with red wigglers, top feeding your worms and a combination of both depending on your individual needs.

Learn the proper proportions of worms to bedding material to benefit best whether for composting or fishing. Included within is a special chapter showing you to keep your worms sized while growing them out so all the worms in your worm bin are of the same size. For anglers, this works great as no more picking through your worms to find the larger ones. Simply go to a worm bin containing all large adult worms!

        Order Paperback $14.95         Order eBook $9.95

Raising European Nightcrawlers

One of the favorites for fishing enthusiast to raise as grows to a fat worm up to four inches or so in length.Learn to raise all large worms in a bin for easy pickings when heading out fishing as well as a simple composting setup if you prefer.

Even though they are similar to te red wiggler, there are some major differences in raising these worms. Find out how this worm becomes sensitive to protien in warmer climates. The European nightcrawler also makes a great composting worm however requires cooler climate conditions that is discussed in the book.

        Order Paperback $14.95         Order eBook $9.95


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