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Worm Farming Consulting Services

The Worm Guy, aka The Worm Expert offers low cost consultations to home owners, small and large worm farms.

The Worm guy has raised a variety of worms for over thirty years and is the author of several books including the best selling book on worm castings, 14 Day Worm castings as well as been written up in OutdoorLife Magazine.

Additional books by The Worm Guy after successfully farming each type!

  • Raising African Nightcrawlers
  • Raising Alabama Jumpers
  • Raising European Nightcrawlers
  • Raising Red Wigglers

We currently offer consulting via telephone and email billed in 15 minute increments.

Services available but not limited to:

  • Worm Bin Types
  • Worm Bin Placement
  • Worm Bedding Materials
  • Moisture / pH
  • Needed Equipment and Sources
  • Feed Types
  • Assisting In Selecting The Best Species To Raise (based on needs, climate...)
  • Assisting In marketing (online and offline)


Consultation Time


We Ship Live Worms Year Round


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