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Red Wigglers

The Worm Guy offers red wigglers aka, Eisenia foetida known by many to be the best composting worm and for most, the easiest to raise and use in conjunction with composting.... These worms are bed run which means they area mix of young wigglers to adult mature worms.

Red Wigglers

Red Wiggler Worms - is a prized composting worm when it comes to food scraps, outdoor composting and fishing bait for small panfish.

The red wigglers can eat half its body weight per day or 3 1/2 pounds of food scraps per week per pound of worms. These worms are easiest for the beginner to raise since unlike nightcrawlers, the red wigglers tend to stay put when placed in new bedding materials where as the nightcrawlers tend to want to escape for many when first placed into new beds. Red wigglers eat many types of nitrogen based food scraps such as vegetables, fruits, melons... They should not be fed lemons, oranges etc. due to the acidic levels within them nor meat or milk by products.

The red wigglers also make a great manure worm as long as the manure has been thoroughly heated and cooled back down.

Red wiggler worms can be fed Purina Worm Chow as a primary diet if you prefer or used as a supplement due to the nutritional value which is loaded with assorted grains, minerals and vitamins to help raise fatter healthier worms.

They are easily raised indoors or outdoors in worm bins at a temperature range of 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Worm Guy offers red wigglers in quantities from 1 to 25 pounds. Larger quanities are available by contacting us.

To order red wiggler worms, visit our online store.

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