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African Nightcrawlers


In the world of earthworms, there is perhaps no one more knowledgeable than South Carolina’s “Worm Expert” Bruce Galle...

... Master Wormologist."

OutdoorLife Magazine

Bruce Galle is a reknown expert in the field of breeding worms for fun or profit. After reading his book "14 Day Worm Castings" it put an exclamation point on that fact. The book was extremely interesting, easy to understand and he even supplied pictures to further illustrate each point he made. I would strongly reccomend this book to those searching for more knowledge on the subject to those very serious about starting a business. " 14 Day Worm Castings" supplies so much valuble information it is truely a "MUST READ" for anyone interested in breeding worms.

Carl W. Swanson

Very fast shipping, will order from again. He is very easy to talk to and will help with any questions you may have.


"Thank you. The purchase was worth its weight in gold."

Mr. Allen M. Boatman

Degreed and certified professional horticulturist teaching in Tampa Florida

Terrific Size Worms!!!! I got my first order 2 days ago. These worms are every bit of 4 to 5 inches long. Nice and health too. They are not kidding when they say log worms. I put them in there bin the next day they were every ware. Very health !!!!

Mindy Ursitti

I am repopulating my garden and landscape since it was reclaimed farm land and had most of the worms colony destroyed by 30 years of hard farming. This is my second order and have been very satisfied with the worms I have received and the condition that they were in. I highly recommend this professional and knowledgeable company.

Bill Clark

Received the worms Tuesday and got them into a temporary container with some newspaper and coffee grounds for them to eat. They seem to be doing just fine. Monday the 4th graders are going to fish them out and put them in there permanent home. I think it will be a great fun learning experience for them.
Thanks for your help and getting them here so fast.

John Dahl

Great looking worms, these worms were larger than I was expecting, they arrived in great shape, 2 hours later I looked in their bedey, and they all had a smile on their face :_)))). Thank You, I would definitely order from Organic Worm Farm again. Shipping was TOP NOTCH also.

Just Ron

Owner Vermi Science, Inc.
The worm food arrived in just a few days. Good service.

Raymond Mazzuca

Received my Africans right on time as promised. Every worm was alive, and after watering as directed,were very active. I know that it is just the beginning, but, it is a perfect beginning. Everything went as said that it would. I am a member of, a fishing website,and everybody is following my new interest. Thank you Bruce. Job well done.

Bruce Snyder, avid fisherman,and new worm farmer.

I received my shipment of European Night crawlers They were all in great shape nice size to them and very active Shipping was fast Thanks

Tom Buscher

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