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The Worm Guy has over 38 years experience in raising and studying worms. He has also written best selling books on the subject, one being the one being 14 Day Worm Castings teaching others to turn around bedding material into complete castings in just 14 days rather than normal 3 to 4 months!

"In the world of earthworms, there is perhaps no one more knowledgeable than South Carolina’s  “Worm Expert”...

... Master Wormologist."

OutdoorLife Magazine

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Books Written By The Worm Guy on Worm Farming and Raising Worms

The Worm Guy is a hands on worm farmer and has raised every type of worm he sells, hence the information he passes on is from his own experiences rather than word of mouth on each type of composting worms and earthworms


He is also known for sharing his concepts with others such as the worm harvester pictured below.

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The Worm Guy offers an array of composting, fishing and garden worms:
  • African Nightcrawlers - (Eudrillus Eugeniae)
  • Alabama Jumpers - (Amynthus gracilus)
  • Canadian Nightcrawlers - (Lumbricus terrestris)
  • European Nightcrawlers - (Eisenia hortensis)
  • Red Wigglers - (Eisenia fetida)
  • Mealworms - (larval form Tenebrio molitor)


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